Weekly round-up – 18 December 2011

Welcome to this week’s round-up of interesting snippets from around the world of wholesome food, the last one of the year.

Thinking of adding sheep to your smallholding?

The Smallholder Series has added a set of DVDs to their products called Sheep on Your Smallholding. These DVDs cover everything from establishing your flock to the business side of raising sheep. They can be bought individually or as a set. This is how they describe it:

The series is fully ‘hands on’ and features demonstrations with experts in sheep health and husbandry, and case studies of real people who have made a success of small-scale sheep farming.

For more information on these DVDs and their other products, click here.

Voles and Polytunnels

Voles don’t normally cause too much damage on the smallholding, but if they get into your polytunnel, it can be a different matter. They love tender seedlings, roots, anything with a high water content. The solution is to relocate them out of the polytunnel back onto the land, and a fine wire mesh fence and gate at the entrance to the polytunnels will keep them out. To catch them, use a humane Longworth trap. You can read all about it here.

Time for reflection?

Freezing fingers and toes regardless, this can be a time for reflection, for planning, or just for enjoyment. At Bealtaine Cottage, they’re enjoying the Enchantment of Midwinter, Arigna Gardener is looking back at her Favourite Pics of 2011, The Accidental Smallholder is relieved that her sheep Dickie is recovering from a bout of rhododendron poisoning, while at Allotment Growers, they’ve been suffering from the Internet Blues.

Wholesome (but fancy!) breads

Stollen is a pretty recent Christmas tradition in this country, but this delicious sweet German treat is now firmly established. For a delicious recipe from Butcher Baker, click here. And from Italy we have the sublime Panetonne (my personal favourite). If you fancy making your own, check out this recipe from Wild Yeast. From Greece we get Christopsomo and France  gives us traditional Provençal  Christmas Bread. Then finally there’s a River Cottage recipe for a gorgeous-looking fruit-filled Christmas loaf – click here. Let us know if you try any of them out.

A very merry festive season to you all

We’re signing off now until 2012, so from all of us at the Wholesome Food Association, thanks to all of our members and supporters, and we wish you all the happiest of festive seasons.


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