Benefits of joining

Benefits to members

WFA affiliated producers can use the WFA symbol to identify their products as having been grown according to WFA principles, i.e. without the use of synthetic chemicals, artificial additives, etc., and as originating from a local source, without the expense of organic certification. The low cost of the WFA symbol encourages even the smallest food producers to use it as a local marketing aid.

WFA logoOn joining the WFA, you will receive:

  • the right to use our symbol on your products and in your advertising
  • laminated membership certificate to place at point of sale
  • an initial supply of 100 produce labels (more labels supplied at cost price upon request)
  • a regular newsletter
  • occasional discounts on relevant products and services (contact us for details)

Benefits to consumers

By buying WFA produce, consumers are assured of quality, wholesome food from a traceable, sustainable and local source, with the added assurance that they can personally check on production methods. Each producer must make their WFA pledge available on request, which details their growing and/or production methods. Consumers can demonstrate their support for WFA principles by becoming WFA supporters.

Benefits to local communities

By encouraging people to buy their food from local sources, a greater proportion of income stays in circulation within local economies. This will tend to strengthen local economies and help to alleviate social and economic deprivation in rural communities.

Benefits to the environment

WFA producers, following WFA principles, make a substantial contribution to the enhancement of the environment through their environment-friendly growing practices. Conservation of both plant and animal species is encouraged, wildlife is preserved, and the soil enriched through the use of natural, sustainable growing methods. By reducing the distances over which food is transported (‘food miles’), we will also reduce energy use and associated pollution.

Social benefits

The WFA encourages social cohesion by rebuilding the links between producers and consumers.