About us

Thank you to everyone who has supported the principles of the Wholesome Food Assocation over the years, and to the growers who have been members of our Association.

Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to stop trading.

  • The Wholesome Food Association was a network of growers, processors, suppliers and distributors of authentic, locally-grown, wholesome food.
  • We provided a low-cost labelling scheme for marketing wholesome, locally grown food, without the expense and complications of ‘organic’ certification.
  • All the food sold by WFA affiliates was grown and produced using time-honoured, ‘natural’ methods, such as crop rotation, composting, mulching and the avoidance of all harmful chemicals. (The use of the word ‘organic’ is only permitted for those who have paid for official organic certification. This is a legal safeguard, to ensure that organic standards are maintained when food is being shipped around the country – and the world.)
  • We were a non-profit organisation (although not a registered charity), run by volunteers.

Our purpose was to:

  • Promote food production by sustainable, non-polluting methods using a ‘local symbol’ scheme.
  • Educate people about the health, social and economic benefits of eating fresh, locally grown, wholesome food.
  • Help rebuild and renew local economies and communities by encouraging people to produce and purchase food locally.



Local food for local communities